School Bird Watching Team members got the Champion of The 23rd Inter-school Bird Race

Our school's bird-watching team achieved first place in the bird-watching competition held by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society on December 9, 2023. Among the 33 participating teams, our team emerged as the champions. The team members included Kung Cheuk Lok (Loyal Four), Poon Lok Yi (Wise Two), Mak Tsz Long (Courageous Two) and Yang Man Yat (Honest One). Additionally, another team from our school consisting of Lu Hongcheng (Honest Four), Au Chun Yui (Honest Three), Chan Chun Yu (Wise Three) and Wong Tsz Wai (Honest One) performed exceptionally well in the competition. The team's success can be attributed to their extensive training sessions at the competition venue - The Hong Kong Wetland Park, prior to the event. Their good mastery of the bird species within the park played a crucial role in achieving such outstanding results.

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