Reading to Learn

  • Reading to Learn

Reading is an important basic learning skill. If students develop good reading habits and master effective reading skills, effectiveness of their learning can be enhanced. And we believe that lifelong learning and whole-person development can be achieved through extensive reading.

Through ‘Reading to Learn’, students are able to:

  • Advance in basic language skills needed in communication, study and intellectual development;
  • Develop thinking skills in the process of comprehension and interpretation; and
  • Broaden their horizons and world of knowledge, have a deeper understanding of history, culture and life, and develop positive values.
1. Regular Reading Class
  • Our school sets aside a regular reading period on every Wednesday, with an aim to give students more chances to read. It is hoped that students understand the importance of reading as well as to have their reading interests and habits cultivated.
2. Subject-based Extensive Reading
  • Junior students read a great number of unit-based materials that are closely related to course content. Self-learning is therefore enhanced and these resources can be used as students’ extended reading after class;
  • Sharing and Learning Outcome Displays for reading are included in the subjects of Chinese and English to encourage students to read extracurricular books related to school courses to consolidate and broaden their subject knowledge.
3. Reading Award Scheme

A reading award scheme is organized by the Chinese and English Departments and the school library. This scheme, supplemented with the reading record booklets, helps to cultivate students’ reading habits and promote a reading culture in campus.

4. Reading Activities

Through various kinds of activities such as book fairs, writers’ talks, film shows, reading corner, bookcrossing, bookstore visits and book shopping, students are able to explore and discover the joy of reading.

5. Promoting E-Reading

Alongside the Reading Award Scheme, students are encouraged to read widely through different e-reading platforms.