Vision and Mission

It is strongly believed that every student is unique in their potential, able to master communication skills and pursue life-long learning. We have faith that they can grasp the opportunities given to them and contribute to society when they are ready.


In line with the mission of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, we have ‘博文約禮' ('Through Learning and Temperance to Virtue') as our motto. We are here to nurture our students into diligent and well-disciplined learners who have all-rounded development in moral, academic, physical, social and aesthetical aspects. They are cultivated to be positive and creative persons, who are courageous to take up responsibilities and overcome difficulties. Being able to think independently and make good judgments; caring about the community and being always ready to serve – these are all the characteristics of our students. What is more, we ensure that they will learn deeply about the Chinese traditional culture and find their personal missions in relation to our nation and people.


In line with the spirit of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, our school’s motto is that of the university: ‘博文約禮' -- 'Through Learning and Temperance to Virtue'. As written in the Analects of Confucius, ‘The Master says, “The superior man, extensively studying all learning, and keeping himself under the restraint of the rules of propriety, may thus likewise not overstep what is right.' (Legge's version of the Four Books, as remarked by CUHK) “Learning” refers to all the knowledge related to humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, which is recorded in classical writings and books. “Virtue” refers to the rules of propriety. Here, it implies that all human behavior and personal moral principles must conform to these rules. In choosing '博文約禮' as our motto, we emphasize on both the intellectual and moral aspects of education. Integrated with the knowledge of humanities and technology, our students are going to become all-rounded individuals, with balanced development in moral, academic, physical, social and aesthetical growth.


The Federation Of The Alumni Associations Of The Chinese University of Hong Kong was set up by uniting all the alumni associations of the university in 1978. The six-pointed star displays their unity in moving forward to contribute to the development of education and give back to the society. The color purple on the emblem represents passion and loyalty, while gold represents perseverance and courage.