Moral and Civic Education

Moral and civic education are important elements of education. Explorations in different subjects and diverse learning experiences help students to build up positive values and attitudes, which are significant to their personal growth. When they have to face issues related to themselves, their families, society, the nation and the world, these values and attitudes are crucial to help them make judgment and to be courageous enough to take actions and take up responsibilities.

Through morning assembly sharing, weekly assembly talks, personal growth lessons and infused learning activities, students are given chances to think and explore related issues, thereby reinforcing the cultivation of relevant concepts and values. This nurtures them to become responsible citizens and equips them with knowledge in etiquette and the concepts of right and wrong.

Besides, through different kinds of activities, students are guided to pay attention to current issues in Hong Kong and the world, develop critical thinking skills, and to analyze social issues in an objective manner. Moreover, in collaboration with subject departments, other groups and student organizations, our moral and civic education ambassadors organize activities to strengthen and deepen students’ civic awareness, and to help them understand that individuals’ well-being is closely related to the well-being of society as a whole.

Students can also understand more the history and culture of the motherland by joining exchange tours and sharing activities in the mainland. This can help strengthen their recognition of national identity. At the same time, through different learning experiences and life-wide learning, students’ interest and concern about the current development of the motherland are strengthened, which helps to cultivate their sense of belonging to the motherland.