Features of Curriculum

Features of Curriculum
  • Our curriculum is student-oriented, aimed at equipping students to face the challenges of the 21st century. It focuses on cultivating the ability of self-learning and the spirit of lifelong learning as well as building up positive values and a proactive attitude.
  • It creates varied learning experiences to enhance students’ generic skills and abilities and their mastering of biliteracy and trilingualism. Therefore, they are able to acquire and construct knowledge, building the foundation for their whole-person development.
  • It helps students to find their own interests and potentials, develop and reflect on their personal goals, and picture their paths for further studies and career.
  • It nurtures our students to care about issues that affect individuals, the society and our nation, and thus become citizens who have visions and take up responsibilities.
  • Life-wide Learning WeekEvery year, we organize activities for all S1 to S5 students during the Life-wide Learning Week. The purpose is to allow students to learn through personal experience, to promote active knowledge enquiry, cultivate self-learning and learning interest, develop generic skills, and to increase students’ awareness about the society, the nation and the world.
  • STEAM Education in Junior SecondaryIn the hope of strengthening students’ basic knowledge and cultivating their creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills, investigative thinking and hands-on experiential elements are incorporated into Science, Technology and Mathematics’ curriculum. Students’ integrated, applied knowledge and skills are enhanced through cross-subjects collaboration. Creative thinking lessons are introduced to S1 students in the second term. The lessons help cultivate students’ creative thinking ability through scientific investigation and Information Technology. S3 students have to complete a Science Final Year Project and to share their investigative results with their peers in groups.
  • S3 Art and Life EducationArts Education is to be enhanced in the S3 curriculum. Through students’ inquiry and practical learning experiences, students’ creative thinking is to be cultivated. Connecting Visual Arts and Music knowledge to life, students are expected to practise artistic creation in daily life. More display platforms are created for students.
  • Multi-intelligence Education in Senior Secondary The curriculum includes elements such as Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Expressive Arts, Values Education and Life Planning Education. Musical is the main focus in S4 curriculum in the first term. Students are given chances to experience a diverse form of performing arts and develop positive values. Art Therapy is the main focus in S5 curriculum in the first term. Through a diverse form of Expressive Arts, students have a better self-understanding and learn to express emotions in positive ways. Students’ self-selected courses are introduced in the second term. They have chances to develop potential and interests, broaden horizons, enrich different learning experiences as well as cultivate multiple intelligences.