Message from the Principal

CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School was founded by The Education Foundation Of The Federation Of The Alumni Associations Of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000. In line with the mission of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, we have ‘博文約禮' ('Through Learning and Temperance to Virtue') as our motto, seeing the pursuits of both knowledge and morality equally important. We devote all we can to the all-round development of each of our students, which ensures that they have balanced development in moral, academic, physical, social and aesthetical aspects.


Potentials Kindled; Quality Education Realized

We always believe: “It is strongly believed that every student is unique in their potential, able to master communication skills and pursue life-long learning. We have faith that they can grasp the opportunities given to them and contribute to society when they are ready.” We strive for providing Invitational Education to facilitate our students’ learning. With respect for diversity in mind, we offer varied learning opportunities for our students, empowering them to develop self-learning skills, to discover their unique talents and to become curious, lifelong learners. We believe that nurturing our students to be fearless in the pursuit of excellence is the most effective means of setting them up for whatever challenges the future brings. What’s more, our campus promotes a culture of care, openness and mutual respect, to better reflect the world we would like to see.

In areas of Policy, Place, People, Planning and Process, we are committed to make necessary arrangements to create a learning campus teemed with love and inspirations. In this way, our students are able to stretch to their full potential and quality education can be realized.


By having tiered and diversified designs in curriculum, pedagogy and learning materials, we facilitate our students to master necessary learning skills and to develop the ability of life-long learning. We promote interdisciplinary courses so that students can make use of knowledge and skills of different subjects to conduct inquiry learning, by which they can build up generic learning skills.


Here, in a campus well-equipped and well-facilitated, a good learning environment is ensured. Students’ excellent performance and learning outcomes are displayed in classrooms and on different platforms, which gives full play of the function of education-in-environment. Also, an active and positive learning atmosphere is created by our interactive and stimulating classroom learning experiences.


We make close ties and collaborations with CUHK and other tertiary institutions to support our academic development and to enrich personal growth of students. Through various activities, students can experience college life and have their horizon broadened. At the same time, professional development programmes, conferences and collaborative research have always helped our team keep advancing ourselves in the pursuit of excellence in quality education.


We care about the whole-person growth of our students. Through diversified learning experiences, students are encouraged to “learn outside the classroom”. Their learning is life-wide and they can then understand the society more and see the world from a global perspective. We help our students to set life goals at different stages. Under the collaboration among different panels and groups, together with the guidance from teachers, students are helped to build up positive values and good characters.


Students’ progress and efforts are highly recognized and displayed on different platforms here, so positive attitudes in interpersonal relationships and a culture of appreciation are cultivated. Through collaborative learning processes, students learn to communicate with each other and solve problems together, thus building up the spirit of mutual help among peers.

Ms. Ho Suk Yin (The Principal)