Life-wide Learning Experiences

Our school attaches a great importance to the diverse development of students. With more than 70 student organizations or societies, we vigorously promote the ideals of cooperation, social responsibility and community spirit. We offer many experiential learning activities beyond the classroom, ranging from class social services to English musical training. Students have the opportunity to participate in field trips, overseas exchanges, English study tours and work experience placements, where they can learn in real scenarios, broaden their horizons and mature in a well-rounded fashion.

We believe that a diversified educational experience not only enhances students’ interest in learning, but also helps to instill positive values and develops their overall moral cultivation.

Our uniform leader training scheme offers Secondary One students a chance to participate in uniform groups such as the Red Cross, Girl Guides, Scout, Air Cadet Corps and Auxiliary Medical Service Cadet Corps. Through their active participation in activities such as marching, orienteering, social services and first aid training, it is hoped that students will become self-reliant, helpful and responsible people imbued with a sense of discipline, resilience and social awareness.