Achieving Good Results by the Bird Watching Team in Two Bird Races

Our birdwatching school team won the 4th place in an online birdwatching competition held on 30th January. The competition was organised by The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and Hong Kong Bird Watching Society. Participants include Zhou Jia Xiang (4A), Au Yeung Kwok Tung (4A), Wong Ying Hong Pete (4D) and Leung Tin Hang (1C). In addition, our school representatives, Peng Yaqi (4A) and Kwok Shing Yan (4A) participated in Big Bird Race (Secondary-school youth team race), which was organised by World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong, on 20th February. They successfully spotted 69 species of birds in Mai Po Nature Reserve in 4.5 hours. They competed remarkably and won the 4th place, which was merely one species of difference with the second runner-up. Other participants in the above-mentioned competitions include Kung Cheuk Lok (1B), Xie Yim Sing (4B) and Chan Kin Yat (6A). All of them displayed outstanding performance.

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