PAP International Mathematics Invitation Competition

Our students participated in ‘PAP International Mathematics Invitation Competition’ in Nov 2022 and earned several awards. The competition is a large-scale international Mathematics competition and joined by contestants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran etc. Our awardees include:

Pang Ho Hong from Wise 1 (Second Class Prize),
Tsang Sze Wing from Wise 1 (Third Class Prize), Tsui Yu Hang, Li Ngai Miu and Tam Ho Chun from Loyal 1 (Third Class Prize), Cheung Yuk from Honest 1 (Third Class Prize), Chen Yu Wing and Kong Tsz Ho from Wise 2 (Third Class Prize), Chan Chak Wing, Li Pak Yu from Wise 3 (Third Class Prize), Leung Fu Chun from Honest 3 (Third Class Prize).

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