S1 Inter-class Public Speaking Competition

Organizing inter-class English public speaking competitions is a tradition of our school. The aim of it is to enable the participants to master elementary public speaking skills, overcome stage fright as well as enhance confidence. As usual, an inter-class English public speaking competition was organized last October for S1 students. Class representatives were given two topics to choose. The two topics were ‘The best ways to beat the summer heat.’ and ‘Which celebrity would you want as a sibling, and why?’ All the class representatives treated the competition seriously by preparing cue cards. They applied various public speaking skills and shone on the stage. Eventually, Chen Hei Shun Hasan from Courageous 1 won the championship for his confident presentation. Ma Tsz Ching from Loyal 1 won the 1st runner- up. There were two 2nd runners-up and they were Lam Hiu Ching from Courageous 1 and Tang Shun Hei from Loyal 1. Congratulations again to the above awardees and class representatives for making the event a success!

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