English Drama Club Members were awarded Merit Prize in a radio drama competition

Members of the English Drama Club participated in a radio drama competition called ‘Speak Up-Act Out! On Air! Improvised Drama Competition 2022/23', organized by the Education Bureau. In the competition, students were given 14 days to create a 4-to-5-minute radio drama on a given stimulus. They had to write the script, record sound effects, and practise within the time limit, making it a challenging task. 7 members of the Club - Shek Man Tik from Wise One, Lau Yat Kiu and Tsui Tin Long from Honest Two, Wong Sze King from Wise Three, Zhou Ruotong from Wise Four, Wong Sze Man from Loyal Four, and Ji Wing Chi from Honest Five, formed a team and was awarded a Merit Prize, ranking fourth overall. Congratulations to all the award-winning students!

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