School Bird Watching Team Osprey got 2nd Runner-up Prize in the Hong Kong Big Bird Race Youth Team Division

Members from the Osprey team of our school’s Bird Watching Society won the 2nd runner-up in Big Bird Race (Youth Race) on 4th March. The members include Ma Hiu Ching Kelly (Wise 1), Poon Lok Yi (Wise 1), Kung Cheuk Lok (Courageous 3) and Zhou Jia Xiang (Wise 6). Another team named the Albatross Team, though, could not win an award, they had a satisfactory result and therefore worth our appreciation. The members include Lu Hongcheng (Honest 1), So Cheuk Fung (Courageous 3) and Leung Tin Hang (Loyal 3). 13 teams competed in the Race this time.

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