Hong Kong and Macau Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest cum Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest Trial

The purpose of the Asian International Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO) is to stimulate and cultivate teenagers' interest in learning mathematics through competitions, strengthen and improve teenagers’ innovative thinking ability, and expand the international vision of teenagers from all over the world. It is one of the most authoritative international mathematics Olympiads. The AIMO finals are held in different countries/regions every year, attracting teams from nearly 20 countries/regions to participate. It is a veritable high-level international mathematics competition.

Eligible students: Wise 1 Pang Ho Hong, Honest 1 Chan Chun Nok, Honest 1 Yeung Chu Hei, Wise 3 Chan Chak Wing, Wise 3 Li Hoi Chi, Wise 3 Wong Sze King, Loyal 3 Au Yeung Yat Fung, Wise 4 Luo Tsz Him, Wise 4 Poon Oi Yee, Wise 4 So Pak Hin, Wise 5 Jarn Sung Hei, Wise 5 Lee Siu Cheung, Wise 5 Long Yui Hang, Wise 5 Pang Chun Hei, Wise 5 Wei Tsz Hung, Wise 5 Wong Po Yee, Loyal 5 Chan Lok Hin, Loyal 5 Hung Yat Yin, Loyal 5 Ngai Chun Hei Hugo, Loyal 5 Tan Yui Chiu, Loyal 5 Wong Chun Him, Loyal 5 Wong Tsan Tak

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