Outstanding Achievements of the 74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival(2022)(Chinese Speech)

After putting in a lot of effort, our students achieved outstanding results in the 74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (Chinese Speech). We are delighted to announce that Cheng Chi Lam and Wong Sze King (Wise Three) got second place in S3-4 Cantonese Duologue.

A number of students were awarded Certificates of Merit, including Ma Hiu Ching Kelly (Wise One), Wong Tsin Wai (Wise One), Wan Ashley Chun (Courageous One), Huang Angel Tsz Yuet (Loyal One), Ng Tsz Ning (Courageous Two), Kok Wai Chi (Loyal Two), Cheng Chi Lam (Wise Three), Li Hoi Chi (Wise Three), Cheung Ming Wing (Courageous Four), Huang Wing Sze (Loyal Four), Chan Cho Yi (Honest Four), Lai Pei Kwan Candy (Honest Four). Peng Ho Yan (Courageous One), Chow Hoi Ching (Loyal One), Siu Yuet Yee (Courageous Three), Chow Tsz Kiu (Courageous Three), Liu Tingyu (Courageous Three), Ji Wing Chi (Honest Five), Chan Nim Yan (Honest Six) were awarded Certificate of Proficiency. Congratulations to the above awardees.

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