STEAM Education

Our school is fully dedicated to the promotion of e-learning and STEAM education. We utilize iPads, Chromebooks, and electronic learning platforms both in and out of the classroom to facilitate self-directed and collaborative learning experiences. Technology is seamlessly integrated into various subjects to foster students' creative thinking abilities. In our Junior Forms, we introduce programming and artificial intelligence courses as part of the Life Technology subject. By engaging in interdisciplinary inquiry-based learning that combines Science, Mathematics, and Technology, students develop their capacity for independent exploration and practical application of technological concepts. To further enrich their educational journey, we established the "Future Classroom" in 2019. This innovative space serves as a training ground where students actively participate in a wide range of STEAM activities, including Robomaster competitions, engaging STEAM lectures and workshops, as well as various STEAM competitions. The Future Classroom not only enhances students' understanding of STEAM subjects but also nurtures their passion for these fields by providing hands-on experiences and opportunities for collaboration.