Our school took part in ViuTV programme ‘ STEM Everywhere’

Previously, our school took part in the shooting of a ViuTV programme ‘ STEM Everywhere’. You are welcome to enjoy the programme with your family on 5th, 12th and 19th November (Sunday) at 1 p.m.. Later, you can also revisit the programme on ViuTV website.


1st Episode:https://viu.tv/encore/stem-everywhere/stem-everywheree26che-gung-miu (2:00-15:10)

2nd Episode:https://viu.tv/encore/stem-everywhere/stem-everywheree27daai-wai (1:08-22:00)

第三集:https://viu.tv/encore/stem-everywhere/stem-everywheree28hin-ging (1:18-22:00)

第四集:https://viu.tv/encore/stem-everywhere/stem-everywheree29sa-tin-wai (0:38-22:08)