Senior Secondary Curriculum

Senior Secondary Curriculum Framework

In order to make a good balance between the breadth and depth of learning, our senior secondary curriculum includes core subjects, electives, S4 arts courses (visual arts and music), and Other Learning Experiences (OLE). The curriculum offers opportunities for students to gain learning experiences in different areas to suit their individual interests, strengths and needs.

We employ a bilingual policy here. Both CMI and EMI classes are available for certain subjects. Subjects taught in English allow discretionary application for change of language version in the public examination.

In response to the need of diversified range of study choices, apart from studying the electives offered by the school, students can choose to study additional subjects, courses offered by Shatin joint schools, other language subjects in the HKDSE and Applied Learning courses.

S4-6 Subject Combination


Core Subjects

Chinese Language^、English Language*、Mathematics*、Citizenship and Social Development^

Electives 1X

Geography^ / Chinese History^ / Chemistry^ / Visual Arts^ / Physics* / Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS)*

Electives 2X

History^ / Chinese Literature^ / Information and Communication Technology^ / Tourism and Hospitality Studies^ / Chemistry* / Economics^

Electives 3X / Mathematics Extended Part Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics)
/ Core Subject Enhancement

Economics* / Biology*

Mathematics Extended Part Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics)*/ Mathematics Extended Part Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus)*

Chinese Enhancement^、 English Enhancement*、

Mathematics Enhancement^、Language across curriculum*

External Curriculum

Applied Learning(2-year program)、Joint School Senior Secondary Curriculum (Music、PE)、Other Languages (Japanese、French)

Extra-curricular Activities

Moral and Civic Education、Social Services、Career-related experiences、
Physical Education、Arts Education、Multi-intelligence Education

^Chinese is used as medium of instruction

*English is used as medium of instruction