Gifted Education


We believe that every student is unique and has his/her potential. It is believed that through a systematic and targeted manner, we can explore and help nurture students with different capabilities on their academic, social and affective aspects, thereby realizing one’s potential, building self-confidence and enhancing self-worthiness.



Not only do we hope to enhance teaching quality but we also hope to strengthen the mode of Gifted Education, from ‘identifying students’ potentials’ to achieving ‘capabilities development’. This helps foster the popularization of Gifted Education. The infiltration of the elements of Gifted Education into our Universal Education helps inspire students’ thinking, creativity, personal and social skills. Each student has an opportunity to unleash potential. In addition, ‘adding Gifted Education elements into Universal Education’ can be achieved, emphasizing that well-performed students can gain benefits from school-based Gifted Education service systematically, so that their potentials can be developed fully.

The school-based ‘CCH Children's Gifted Behavior Questionnaire', with the idea of home-school cooperation, strengthens the mode of Gifted Education in ‘identifying students’ potentials’ at an early stage to achieving ‘capabilities development'. Furthermore, our team coordinates, optimizes and adds new items to the existing Gifted Education ‘Talent Pool’. Through enhancing the teaching quality of each subject, it is hoped that students’ potentials can be better explored and developed, enabling each student to receive equal opportunities to develop their potentials.


Gifted Education programmes participated by CCH students

These are the external gifted education programmes / activities which our students took part in before:

  • STEM Education - Creative Problem Solving Tasks
  • RoboMaster Youth Championship
  • Hong Kong Inter-school Flight Simulation Challenge
  • English Musical
  • City I&T Grand Challenge
  • Community Conservation Ambassadors
  • HKUST Dual Programme
  • CUHK GIfted Education Programmes

Please refer to the document attached to learn more about Gifted Education in our school.


For further readings, you can refer to the following websites:

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