2022-23 Inter-house Music Contest

Jointly organised by the Music Club, Putonghua Club and English Society, the Inter-house music contest 2022-23 was successfully held on 11th July. It was the first time the whole student body gathered in the school hall to watch a contest since the pandemic. They immersed themselves in the warm atmosphere. Contestants gave their best in the performances by showcasing their wonderful music talents. We were honoured to have our Chinese teacher Mr Kwai Chun Ue and Mr Ng Ho Tung, the former president of the alumni association of CUHK’s Department of Music, as our judges and guest performers. The categories of the contest included musical instrument playing, solo singing, group singing and choral singing. Congratulations to the awardees.




冠軍:周嘉鋒 4A

亞軍:林卓菲 3B



冠軍:郭藯慈 2C

亞軍:黎犖欣 3A

季軍:羅康淳 5D



冠軍:陳祖兒 4D, 陳語桐 4C 

亞軍:方穎翹 2B, 殷愷淇 2D

季軍:陳子龯 1B, 馬梓晴 1C



冠軍:梁洛珩3B, 李思澄4A, 譚雅心4A, 周若彤4A, 冼嘉宜4B, 黃詩敏4C, 陳梓蕙5A, 何沅蓁5A


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