The United Kingdom-France Innovation and Technology Exchange Tour

Our school is dedicated to promoting STEAM Education and activities, allowing students to fully unleash their potential in the field of STEAM, enhance their technological application abilities, and cultivate creative thinking skills. In order to provide more diverse learning opportunities, this year we have established the STEAM Incentive Programme, which sponsors six students to participate in the United Kingdom-France Innovation and Technology Exchange Tour organized by AiTLE (Association of I.T. Leaders in Education) from January 21 to January 31, 2024. The participating students include Poon Oi Yee (5A), Yu Pak Kiu (5A), Ng Hei Ching (4B), Li Hoi Chi (4E), Yu Pak Wing (3B) and Leung Ho Ching (1A).

During the exchange, our students had the opportunity to participate in BETT UK, the largest innovation and technology exhibition in London. They showcased their self-designed innovative technological products and introduced their innovative ideas and product functionalities to visitors from different countries. Additionally, students participated in workshops, training sessions, and visits to various technology companies in both the United Kingdom and Paris. This allowed them to gain insights into the latest developments in technology education and the advancements in the innovation and technology industry.

The students participated in BETT UK, the largest innovation and technology exhibition in London, held at Excel London. They enthusiastically introduced their self-designed technological products to visitors and patiently answered various questions. This exhibition not only provided an opportunity for the students to showcase their innovative designs but also allowed them to enhance their English communication skills through interactions with visitors.

Dr Choi Yuk-lin, JP, Secretary for Education of the Education Bureau, visited our student’s exhibition booth. The students introduced the Healthcare Network and Apps, which were designed using various devices such as iRED Health Kit, Micro-bit, and Huskylen. They demonstrated how these devices can be used and showcased their functionality to Dr. Choi.

Scan the QR code to browse the e-book on creative product designs and learn about the functionality and production of the products showcased by our two groups of students at BETT UK.

Moving Bracket

Healthcare Network

During the BETT UK exhibition, the students had the opportunity to learn about the innovative developments of various companies and explore the role of different products in STEAM education.

The students participated in workshops and activities at GoodNotes, where they gained insights into how GoodNotes assists in learning, business development, and workplace culture.

The students participated in the Alpha AI workshop, in which they received training on programming AI robots and learned about the theoretical and practical aspects of AI machine learning.

The students visited the Natural History Museum in the UK.

The students visited the Museum of Science and Industry in France.

During their leisure time between participating in the innovation and technology exhibition and various project-based workshops, the students had the opportunity to go sightseeing in London and Paris, visiting famous landmarks and gaining insights into the history and culture of the UK and France. It was truly a European cultural journey for them.

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