Excellent results achieved in STEAM competitions

The following students joined various STEAM competitions and obtained excellent results:

1. 2023 Codecombat (Hong Kong and Macau) Silver Award, 2023 Codecombat ACE coder (The Asian game): Third Class Prize
  • 2C Cheung Yuk
2. 2023 "Youth Aerospace TechEd Programme"
  • 3C Wong Chun Yat, 5A Yu Pak Kiu, 6C Ngai Chun Hei Hugo
3. 2023 HKIE END STEM Electronics Bootcamp #1 Timed resouces gathering mission: First Class Prize
  • 2C Cheung Yuk, 1A Leung Ho Ching, 1C Ling Cheuk Long, 1C Leung Ching Hang
4. 2023 ‘Caltex Robot Engineer Lab’ Robot Competition, The Rescue of Astronauts, Secondary Category: 2nd-runner-up
  • 1C Ling Cheuk Long
5. 2023 Robomaster: Youth Group 1st runner-up
  • 6C Ngai Chun Hei Hugo, 5A Yu Pak Kiu, 5A Poon Oi Yee, 5A Kam Ka Ho, 5B Qiu Chenqi, 3C Wong Chun Yat, 2C Cheung Yuk, 2A Tso Kwan Yin
6. 2023 Community Youth Club (CYC) - Hong Kong Inter-School STEAM Competition in Shatin District: Drone Steering - Champion
  • 3D Chow Pui Pik, 3A Chan Chun Yu, 3D Lam Chiu Yin, 3D Wong Shing Ming

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