Art Dreamers in CCH workshops

Art Dreamers in CCH workshops

During the post-exam period, an art creation activity called Art Dreamers in CCH was organized for S2 students. They were led by several artists to produce artistic creation.
WIse Two

Caricature experiential class

Illustrator Paper Li is a full-time Caricature artist. She explained the principles of Caricature to Wise 2 students, introduced different styles and skills around the world and shared with students tips to read facial characteristics, enabling our students to understand and experience how to draw hilarious Caricature.

Courageous Two

Realistic colored pencil workshop

Mavis, a local colored pencil and oil painting artist, thinks colored pencils can be used to relieve pressure and heal the souls. She shared with Courageous 2 students how to draw hyper realistic marine creatures detailedly. Students gained great satisfaction and a sense of achievement seeing the colorful artwork they created.

Loyal Two

Summer Beach Flow Art Workshop

Under the guidance of several flow art artists, Loyal 2 students made use of pouring techniques to complete abstract but personalized fluid paintings. During the process, students experienced the fluidity of colours, enjoyed a sense of tranquility when creating their artwork. Their artwork is a splendid visual feast.

Honest Two

Crystal soap workshop

Colourful crystal soaps are slowly processed artwork. Students from Honest 2 learnt to make crystal and real-like precious artwork with joyful feelings.


Mirror painting workshop

Painting is no longer limited to canvas or drawing paper. Students from Sensible 2 learnt to use acrylic painting on mirrors to experience the interaction and integration of two materials. While they were painting, they were looking at themselves in the mirror to enjoy a leisurely moment of MeTime.

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